Play 2048 in Cinema 4D.


Connect lots of objects with dynamics connectors!


C4DDev is a collection of command-line tools and Cinema 4D plugins for your plugin development workflow. It also provides a lot of important information on Python and C++ plugin development in the Documentation.

Container Object

This Cinema 4D plugin allows you to collapse complete rigs into a single object and give them a nice icon. The rig can also be password protected.

Houdini Library

This is a collection of digital assets, shelf tools and code snippets, available from GitHub.

PV Render Queue

PV Render Queue is a free Cinema 4D plugin that allows you to queue render jobs and render them directly in the Picture Viewer.

Popular Python C-Extension binaries for Cinema 4D

Here you can find a number of popular Python C-Extensions such as NumPy, Cython and lxml compiled for Python in Cinema 4D.


QuickDocs gives you a list of opened Cinema 4D documents to allow you to quickly switch between them.


A slightly polished version of MAXON’s ResEdit plugin.


SafeFrame is a Cinema 4D workflow plugin for Viewport renderings that masks the parts that will not be visible in the final render anyway.

Buy Now for 7€ (ex. VAT)


TimeHide is a Cinema 4D workflow plugin for animators that keeps the elements displayed in the Timeline to the necessary minimum.

Buy Now for 19€ (ex. VAT)


ToolPresets allows you to save persets for parameters of most modeling tools.

XPresso Alignment Tools

Align your XPresso nodes horizontally or vertically with this awesome Open Source Python plugin! 😉

aaOcean Suite

This is a port of Amaan Akram’s aaOcean Suite, made available to Cinema 4D users as a Shader and Deformer.