Play 2048 in Cinema 4D.

I have most recently started to take a look at the Coursera Course Principles of Computing (Part 1) to see what I can learn from it. And it actually makes a lot of fun to work on the Mini-Projects. One of the first Mini-Projects was to code the game logic of the well known 2048 game in Python. I had some free time on the way home yesterday and thought it would be nice to have the game in Cinema 4D.

You can download the Python Plugin from GitHub, where you can also find the very well documented source code. The source is an ideal learning resource for beginner and intermediate Python programmers that want to create custom User Interfaces for Cinema 4D.

Update 04.04.2015: The plugin now supports animation, has a score display and some nice new colors.

PS: Press backspace to re-set the game. ;)


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