Popular Python C-Extension binaries for Cinema 4D

Here you can find a number of popular Python C-Extensions such as NumPy, Cython and lxml compiled for Python in Cinema 4D.

Public Download Folder Best Practice For Imports?


Go to the “Public Download Folder” and choose the package that you want to install. In that directory, you will find one or more .egg or .zip files. (Note: Python Eggs are also just ZIP archives). You have to choose the correct one matching your operating system and Python versions. Before Cinema 4D R17, use the Python 2.6 (py2.6) files. For Cinema 4D R17 and later, use the Python 2.7 (py2.7) files.

Public Download Folder

If there is no archive matching your operating system and Python versions, be sure to check out a different version of the module first. If you can not find the appropriate file, leave a comment below. I may find the time to compile the module and upload it.

After you downloaded the archive, open the Cinema 4D preferences and click the “Open Preferences Folder…” button at the bottom.

Cinema 4D Preferences

Navigate to library/python/packages/{YOUR_OS} where {YOUR_OS} can be win64 or osx. Open the archive you downloaded and copy the module folder to the library folder.

Important: Make sure there is no additional parent folder in the directory you copy. The module folder should contain a __init__.py file.

Library directory

Plugins & Third Party Modules

Note: If you want to use third party modules in a plugin that you plan to distribute, you should either give clear instructions on how to install these modules or, which is usually preferred, distirbute the extensions with your plugin.

Including third party modules with your plugin is not trivial to get right. I recommend reading through the Py4D Imports: How-To and the Best Practice For Imports?.

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