A slightly polished version of MAXON’s ResEdit plugin.

MAXON has released the source code of the old ResEdit plugin in August, 2015. I have improved the plugin by fixing some crucial bugs and crashes and enhanced the workflow and usability.

Please report any issues and ideas to the Issue Tracker.

Download GitHub



  • ResEdit dialogs have more spacing (looks much nicer)
  • Removed icons from “Browser” window (#20)
  • New ResEdit icons, also for ResEdit plugin commands (#19, #6)
  • ResEdit “Help” command now redirects to the User Interface section of the C++ online documentation (#18)
  • Added a tooltip for toolbar icons (#12)
  • Updated default values for several GUI widgets (#11)
  • Toolbar window is now resizable on Windows (#10)
  • Toolbar icon size and layout can now be changed (#7)
  • Fixed issue with a resources language list in Cinema 4D R16 and older versions (#4


  • ResEdit windows don’t overlap and open with a reasonable default size
  • Toolbar windows now has a dialog title bar on Mac (movable)
  • BITMAPBUTTON is now properly rendered into the resource file
  • Browser window text fields removed, releases width constraint
  • Settings window is now wrapped in a Scroll Group
  • Fixed language detection for R16+ (new resource directory structure) see #4
  • Fixed crash when saving dialog resource (related to #4)


  • Fix compilation on Windows
  • Remove Visual Studio Project Files
  • Remove unnecessary file source/FileSelWin.cpp


  • (almost) original version of ResEdit (view changes)
  • Mac version built with Clang 6.1.0 on OSX Mavericks
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