TimeHide is a Cinema 4D workflow plugin for animators that keeps the elements displayed in the Timeline to the necessary minimum.

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Working with the Timeline in Cinema 4D can become uncomfortable very fast. Only a few objects and parameters animated can let you loose the overview. Cinema 4D’s “Automatic Mode” and “Link View to Object Manager” commands do not help much.

The TimeHide plugin helps you to keep your Timeline in Cinema 4D clean and organized. Unnecessary elements are hidden so you only see what’s important. The plugin adds a new tab to your document settings. From there, you can enable or disable the functionality of the plugin.


  • Keep focused on what you need to see in the Timeline!
  • Scripts to Toggle parameters On/Off included
  • Free Service Updates

Compatibility & Availablity


  • Windows, Cinema 4D R13 – R17
  • Mac OS, Cinema 4D R14 – R17


  • English
  • German
  • Czech (thanks to Lubomir Bezek)
  • French (thanks to Antoine Aurety)
  • Japanese (thanks to Toshihide Miyata)


Some keys flicker in the Timeline (appear & disappear randomly). What’s the problem?

TimeHide isn’t a very good friend of Cinema’s built-in settings to keep your Timeline organized. Possible cause for this problem is the “Timeline > View > Show > Show Animated” option being enabled. You should disable it when using TimeHide (it has itself an option like that).

Users about this Plugin

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